Are We Becoming Too Progressive?

Politics seems to be the lead story on every news website and channel. Society today seems to be teeming with opinions and ideas on the role of government, various funding priorities, issues related to personal dignity, and a variety of other “hot button” topics. Discussion on these issues is generally healthy for society as we work out the best solutions for the common good. St. John reminds us, however, to walk in Truth and to love one another: “For this is love, that we walk according to his commandments; this is the commandment, as you have heard from the beginning, in which you should walk.” (NAB, 2JN 6)

Out of love for God, we have the responsibility to live in accordance with his commandments. Furthermore, out of love for our neighbors, we should seek what is best for them. Ultimately, if we believe that eternal life is the greatest good, then our efforts and actions should be directed toward that end. Unfortunately, many believers today do not truly seek what is best for the brothers and sisters, but instead, seek what many claim as progressive solutions for today’s “problems.” This is not the teaching of Christ.

St. John continues, “Anyone who is so ‘progressive’ as not to remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God; whoever remains in the teaching has the Father and the Son.” (2JN 9) Lord, give me a heart that truly seeks what is good for my neighbor and what will most effectively bring about the common good. May I always live according to your commandments and remain in the teaching of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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